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     Leading Construction since 1989

Welcome to Indwell
Indwell Constructions - a leading company in Power generation sector is established to Erect, Test and Commission of Turbo Generators, Boilers LP/HP piping, Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines and Hydro Turbines.

It has an excellent record in Overhauling and Maintenance of conventional Thermal power plants. Using the state of art technology Indwell has carved a niche for itself in the Power sector in India.

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Success Story

This successful organization was founded in 1977 by a small group dynamic and experienced Engineers who had a vision of futuristic needs of Power Sector. With relentless efforts they have built this successful organization which has now become a major force in the Erection and Testing and Commissioning of various divisions in Power sector. With a large team of efficient and dedicated engineers and workforce Indwell has always completed its assignment in time and faced many challenges and overcame them with tremendous success. Today Indwell is surging forward by acquiring latest technologies guided by the vast experience of its promoters.

Indwell with its state of art technology and positive outlook has won many clients in these last three decades. Indwell has executed Power Projects at various geographical locations distributed across the country. Indwell today has major clients (customers) like BHEL, NTPC, APGENCO, HPCL, EIL, SIEMENS, GEPSIL, MP AND MAHARASHTRA STATE ELCTRICITY BOARDS.
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